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The Album Design Photo Essay – Part I
April 2, 2009, 5:49 pm
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pavanPavan is Swarathma’s intrepid percussionist. Armed with a bewildering array of quirky percussions he lends a folksy earthiness to the sound. Also a lensman, Pavan’s photographs speak louder than his words. Here he speaks of the experience of shooting for Swarathma’s album inlay.

I was doubly excited about this project. One, because it was my band’s maiden album. Two, because it was my responsibility to shoot pictures for it. This was the culmination of both my passions, Photography and Music!

When I started shooting, I had great experiences on the way. I shot hundreds of pictures and each had its own story behind it. When we short-listed 13 photos for the album, I decided that I’ll share the stories behind these pictures…

Page 2: ‘The Horse”
Shot on:
6th November 2008
In and around Mysore palace
Nikon D70
The Prancing Horse: Click for Full Size
I had thought I should shoot some pics which would represent the band’s mascot the “Ghodi”. My hunt for Tongas (one horse carriages) began. As a person who was born and brought up in Mysore, I knew that the Tongas here had good graffiti on them. I also knew that they are fast disappearing, in the wake of motor vehicles. Mysore palace is a parking spot for many, but I was disappointed: they had almost no graffiti! So off I went to an older part of Mysore called Agrahara, where there is an old Tonga stand. But to my dismay there were just two Tongas there!

Almost desperate, I came back to the Palace, and lo and behold, there were around ten Tongas! Four of them had some very good art on it: the use of colour was really interesting. With much excitement I started shooting. The Tongawallahs were very co-operative allowing me to shoot. This is one of the shots from it.

Page 3: “Auto”
Shot On: 10th Nov 2008
Location: Mandi Mohalla, Mysore
Camera: Nikon D70

Jaana Kahan Hai Mujhe - Click for full size
Vasu and I headed out after breakfast with no particular destination in mind, in fact a lot of Swarathma’s music happens in this way! We just randomly went around the city looking out for interesting graffiti. As we went towards Mandi Mohalla we found an automobile shop, which had this auto, painted on its wall. We decided that this was made for depicting the song ‘Jana Kahan Hai Mujhe’ as the song is about journey. The texture of the wall makes this image really interesting, I’m glad I could capture its essence.


Edited by: Jishnu Dasgupta


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