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Landmark Tour Diary: The Trip That Almost Wasn’t
April 22, 2009, 8:19 am
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Until 2am on 22 April, four hours before we were to catch the train to Chennai to play at the Landmark, Citi Centre we did not have the tickets for the Shatabdi Express!

What went wrong, you ask? The bright travel agent booked a paper ticket (the ones that look like this, remember?)

As of 21st April afternoon, the Landmark folks in Chennai held in their hands this very ticket we needed in Bangalore on 22nd morning. No courier service would get it to us in time. (We’re not asking why it got so delayed, and/or why they did not book an e-ticket).

So the Landmark chappies decide to hand deliver it. They appoint Vasu (not our Vasu) a redoubtable gent to take a state bus from Chennai and drop the ticket off with us in Bangalore.

So we waited. And waited and waited. And waited some more. Finally at 11.30 pm, when there was no sign or signal from Vasu the Delivery Boy, we guessed the show wasn’t happening. But then in steps Vasu, saving the day at 2.00am!

There’ a lot to be said for their commitment, the Bangalore team stayed in office till the delivery boy showed up and brought it down to Montry’s house!

On board the train we slept. The gentle sway of the high speed coach on the tracks was more soporific than going to history class high on cough syrup. The monotony was shattered by Aryan. All of 5 years old, he engaged us in a vicious gunbattle. Shooting us dead wasn’t enough of course, he chanted rhymes, did a Spiderman and counted up to ten.



Now, lunch done, at an outstanding South Indian Meals (Pyooor Veg) restaurant, we await interviews, then soundcheck and then we’re on!


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hahahahaa… crazy… very swarathma! 😀

Comment by Aparna Gonibeed

Hey u guys!!!!!Thought here goes another show!!So glad u made it.Or Chennai would have missed something terrific!!!!!!

Comment by kavya

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