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Landmark Tour Diary: Return to Pune
April 26, 2009, 8:25 pm
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Pune’s been a special place for us all. From the time we’ve played here during the album launch, to the mysterious Doctor who fixed Vasu’s shoulder, from the tumultous gig at Symbiosis to the memorable times we’ve had at Baajaa Gaajaa, we’ve always looked forward to coming back here.

Getting on a bus in Bangalore wasn’t the hard part. Sitting on our behinds for 16 hours was! We tottered out into the 43 degree heat, squinting and bleary eyed. But the Landmark folks were waiting for us, and they bundled us into 2 waiting Taveras, off to the hotel.

Now mention must be made of Denzel – the man on sound. The soundcheck took all of 45 minutes – a new Swarathma record. Never have we had such a relaxed Soundcheck. We were so chilled out that we even did a version of  ‘Sur Mera’. That song hasn’t been played live in at least 5 months! (We didn’t end up playing it in the show either).


Count the number of rings and tell me how old the guitar wood is. Photocredit: Kaustuv Dasgupta

The highlight was Varun’s brand new Zakk Wylde custom Les Paul guitar. With its trippy concetric circles, it made your head spin to stare at it. It has a lovely tone, and it made quite an impression in today’s gig.

Vasu croons to the Charbuster neon sign. Photocredit: Kaustuv Dasgupta

Vasu croons to the Charbuster neon sign. Photocredit: Kaustuv Dasgupta

The other odd thing about the gig came at the end. We took our bow and gave in to the request for an unlikely encore. Someone asked for ‘Mauj Kare’ something we hardly play, unless its a college gig. Just before we launched into it, Sanjeev hurried off-stage. (He doesn’t play on this song). We later realized there was a call of nature so profound that it just could not be ignored. “You don’t know how I controlled myself for half the show!” he justified himself.

Steely eyed self control. Photocredit: Kaustuv Dasgupta

Steely eyed self control. Photocredit: Kaustuv Dasgupta

The party after was just as amazing. We had a whole bunch of friends from Pune drop by, and much guffawing ensued, leading the hoteliers to worry about their reputation, social standing, and how their daughters would ever get married.

OK I’m really zoned out now. We head off to Mumbai tomorrow. 2, maybe 3 gigs lined up.

Stay tuned!


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You guys have taken MUSIC to a different LEVEL !!!! Rock on Buddies \m/

Comment by Supreet J

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