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Angels and Demons: The Album Photo Essay Part III
August 12, 2009, 7:48 pm
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Pavan Durathma Pavan continues with his experiences of shooting for Swarathma’s album inlay. Interestingly, this time he speaks of Angels in Saris and Demons on Doorways…

Page 10: “Demon Face”
Shot on: 7th November 2008
Pandavapura Taluk, Mysore
Nikon D70


As I went searching for bullock carts around Mysore, I found this cart on which rode two kids. When I hailed them and asked them to stop the cart, they obliged. They asked what I was shooting for I told them this was for a music album, but I could see they didn’t understand what I meant, but they were really happy that I was shooting their bullock cart!

They told me that they would take me to the artist who does this kind of work and in fact he was the only guy who painted the carts and lorries in Pandavapura. As I went near his studio, I spotted this demon poster pasted at the entrance. Of course, there is no way you can miss it. I felt that this would be apt for the song “Bolo Kya Hai”

Page 14: “Angel in a Sari”
Shot on: 5th November 2008
Mysore Palace Area
Nikon D70


Nowadays there is very little graffiti done on the Tongas (horse drawn carriage) in Mysore. Perhaps there is just too little income from it for the painter and Tonga wallah alike. A few of the them shared their thoughts about how their colleagues were swapping their Tongas for Auto rickshaws for their bread and butter. It is really sad to see these Tongas disappearing. I don’t think the coming generation would be able to see and experience the thrill of the clip clop of hooves down a village street.

After I came back near the Palace looking around for good Tongas, I found a few parked. This one particular Tonga had nothing much on it except a few drawings of these lovely Angels. The character itself drove me crazy. Usually our interpretations of angels are drawn from the fairy tales. But this one was better than those, a middle aged lady clad in a Saree and a matching blouse with wings!! It was like one of the characters that have been drawn straight from any typical middle class families, where we come from. I just couldn’t help shoot this picture – and there couldn’t be a better image to thank all the people that made the album possible.

To be continued…

Text and Pictures: Pavan Kumar | Edited by: Jishnu Dasgupta | Download complete album artwork


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So much for the making…Angels and Demons become a part of the story han! 🙂

Comment by Anusha

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