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And for the first time ever, a cover!
September 7, 2009, 7:22 pm
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Well, we’ve done this a lot in the past: cover other people’s songs. We’ve learned from it, torn out hair trying to perfect it, impressed ladies with it, fallen flat on our faces with it: covering songs has been something that we’ve grown up with. So has everyone.

But then when there’s someone who thinks your song to be worthy of covering there, dear friends, is a sweet sensation that cannot be explained. This is a video of a band called “Bramhastra” who decided to cover ‘Yeshu Allah aur Krishna’. How they do it, whether they do it like it is meant to is irrelevant. They’ve put their own spin to it, just like any band should.

The wonderful thing about this video for us is that we wrote that music! Shine on, brothers.


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awsomeness..!!!man.. sounds great.. missed your twitterfest performance man!!! i had a darn interview yesterday.. my family was rocking to your song at the fireflies fest. so i have added this blog to my blog list.. rock on guys!!

Comment by nitin

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