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TweetAway GiveAway! Win a Live Unreleased Swarathma DVD
October 22, 2009, 10:09 am
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images_faceWe play the Great Indian Octoberfest on 23 October at 7pm on the Main Stage alongside bands we’ve idolized for years! Whenever we’ve been in doubt, we’ve asked ourselves, “How would Indian Ocean have dealt with this?” Not two weeks ago, when Montry and Jishnu were driving together, they were totally tripping (for the nth time) on Avial and their ground-breaking Malayalam Alternative rock album. And now, we share a festival, with ALL of them?! What could be better?

Well here’s one way, if you Live-Tweet our gig (either by being present, or by following the live photoblog), you win a personalized, unreleased, LIVE DVD of our show at Purana Qila held earlier this year. You get a DVD with your name on it, and you’re free to put it up wherever you wish. Show your friends!

So all you need to do, is TELL us how our music makes you feel. Love. Hate. Spew venom. Shower plaudits. Whatever. Go on, let it out on Facebook and Twitter.


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How does swarathma’s music make me feel is like asking a hungry person how does he feel when he takes a bite at food, after years of starvation.
One those only music which has captured my emotions and make me wanna sing and dance each time i listen to their music. From ‘Jamba’ to ‘Tibet’ love them all.
If you ever wanna see music come to life, then watch swarathma on stage. Vasu is like a cracker on the stage, the energy just flows with no stop to it. Each band member equally powerful and equally good, they form the perfect team to set the stage on fire.
I can’t

Comment by Harsha Chittar

I can’t make to the concert, but will always try to listen to them every single day.
I salute to you swarathma and applaud clap, clap, clap.

Comment by Harsha Chittar

Well your music make me proud and happy all the way. Whenever i see or hear anything about you guys, it makes me think that you are my next door people..dont know why though…But Swarathma rocks..

Comment by Sadiq Ahmed

Sadiq – many thanks for your message – it feels really wonderful to read. We are your next door people, come see us anytime! Peace to you too…

Comment by swarathma

i heard swarathma`s music for the first time in my friends place and instantly fell in love with it.they are 6 most humble and awesome musicians that i have ever met.i really love swarathma coz it has the raw essence of life and is soo easy to understand and relate too…every song is a favourite coz every song is special in its own way and has a diff feel to it.Swarathma will always remain one of my favourite bands!!! 🙂 love u guys!

Comment by shravani

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