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Of the Youth and the Young-at-heart
November 3, 2009, 9:11 am
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Vasu and Bindhu decided to get hitched and the world celebrated. We mean, our world. At his reception in Mysore his in-laws’ family was present in large numbers to participate in the festivities, and boy, did they participate!

Bindhu’s grandmother Kalaimamani Seetha Doraiswamy, one of the most prolific exponents of the Jal Tarangam (the water piano) decided to give a rare performance. Imagine 21 bowls, each filled to a specific level of water to ring true, at a specific note! Tuning it up or down involved carefully adjusting the level of water. What truly amazed us, and everyone present was that she was 83 years old. But the spirit with which she played (accompanied by her nephew and grand-niece) belies her age.

Honoured by the Tamil Nadu government for her contribution to this rare instrument, grand-ma has performed over 1000 shows in venues as far and wide as the Americas, Europe and the Middle-east.

Vasu, buddy, let’s hope some of that magic rubs off onto us. What ra?


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The rebirth of cool 🙂

Comment by Arun

20 years ago,during the First performance in Queens, New york, sponsored by CMANA, music literaly froze, as the water was cold in the airconditioned cold auditorium, but Thanks to then CMANA PRESIDENT,Dr Uma Roy and her cofee pots, water was heated to warm temperature and music was literally served from the cups, warmed all music hearts with wonderful accompaniment from violinst Siva ganesh and Mrudangist Ramasubramanian. They had a wonderful review in New york times when she performed in world music institute in down town,Newyork, Newyork.When you listen to good music you can claim eh bhoomi swarga- ganesh

Comment by Ganesan

hi ther everyone ! though bein very frank i havent always been an ardent fan of u guys, it jus flashed upon me as to who is really representin our city ‘the rock capital’ nowadays in abroad n elsewher. so i sat down n started hearin our local bands to see how good u ppl really are. now tat i kno wat i’ve been missin i wan some ppl around me too to kno bout wat they missin n tat if music is to be supported it has to start from home. u guys mean a lot for many of a ppl i kno n it wud mean a lot of us if u wud honour us by comin down to our coll n play for us someday. \/

Comment by bali

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