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Anirban, The Small Wonder: Varun on his Gurus
December 6, 2009, 7:07 pm
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Guitar player extraordinaire Anirban is best known for his exploits with his band Liquid Groove amongst a clutch of bands that he played for while he was in Bangalore. Around that time, he also managed to instill into young Varun some good old-fashioned inspiration. Anirban now lives in the USA. Incidentally, Dec 2 was his birthday, this is a little gift!

My guitar playing journey began with Bruce Lee Mani (Thermal and a Quarter), about which I’ve written, but I could not continue those lessons owing to a shortage of slots. By this time I had come to depend on those sessions, and yes, I miss them till date.

A few days later I met Anirban, another guitar player from a Bangalore and it is safe to say he is a true genius. I’d secretly call him ‘Small Wonder’, for he was quite a short guy but his guitar playing was too good. I went to his place to see him and he had a nice home studio set up – it was the first time I had seen a setup like that at home and it was he who introduced me to recording. He showed me the gear he was using, his guitars and recording equipment. It was very interesting to watch all this and I started visiting him frequently and would watch him record different bands in his home studio called ‘Red Planet Studios’. He would play along with jam tracks and I felt I needed this too.

For those who wish to know what it’s like to listen to Anirban on a jam track:

Anirban taught me how getting into recording would help me understand tones, understanding sound itself, utilizing your ears better. I watched him jam along with his music workstation and he would play very simple but great melodic work. I would always think he plays like Eric Johnson. His chord work and the kind of tones he would use… everything sounded brilliant. 🙂   He would call me Joe Sat as I was am huge fan of his and he always spotted me with my leather riding jacket! Right then I had bought an Ibanez Joe Satriani signature series guitar too! Slowly I started investing in and buying recording equipment to record my own songs and jam tracks and all these happened only with the help of Anirban who showed me the way. He was not only just a mentor for me but also a great friend, a great brother!

These two great people in my life are the ones who made me define my guitar playing, who showed me how true music was played and also helped me come up and reach the place where I am today. I think of them often in everyday life, and thank them for helping me to make it till here.

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Thank you so much Varun for this wonderful birthday gift though i am not sure whether i deserve such a nice writeup or not.
It only reflects that you are such a noble person at heart and that also reflects a true musician within you.You had to reach where you are today and this is just the beginning.
As for me, count me in anytime Bro!!!

Comment by Anirban

wow very nice i love it 🙂

Comment by swarathma

Great Varun!!! I did not know about Anirban but I just saw the video and its great man..Genius people..I wish I could reach there somewhere :-)..However, wish Anirban a Happy Belated birthday..

Comment by Najeeb

It’s awesome to read about Anirban. God bless him. Yes, I too am one of those who learnt a few things under his shade. He’s one of the most helpful, humble and friendly people I’ve ever met. Bunny, here’s wishing you a very happy belated b’day and many glorious musical years ahead.

Comment by Praveen Shirali

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