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The Eviction Notice: Seeking a New Jam-pad
January 20, 2010, 4:51 pm
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Inka samaan nikalkar baahar phenk do!

Our landlord is amongst the sweetest people you will ever meet. In fact, a lot of the success we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy is thanks, in part, to the musical magnanimity and tolerance that he shows. While your average landlord would slam the door in the face of a band looking for a place to jam (as many did when we were looking 2 years ago), this gentleman was different. He encouraged us. He would drop by to listen to us play. His son would help us pack and load-out.

Once, some fellow tenants (some young college-type kids) complained to his about the noise levels when we were jamming in the evenings. “We can’t study”, they whined. There’s too much noise from 6 to 9pm. So we soundproofed the place, but they still whined. So our landlord took matters into his own hands. “Study after 9pm then!” he told them, rather brusquely.

Alas, our saviour now has fallen on hard times. We don’t know all the details, but there was this notice slapped on the wall a few days ago. What it means is that since no money was coughed up, the bank’s coming in and getting jiggy with it.

So where does that leave us? In search fr a new jam-pad. We’d like a quiet-ish place. Not too expensive, not too shabby. We’ll soundproof it, we’ll be nice boys. Three are married, one has a kid. So we’re Responsible Citizens. Who happen to be in a rock band.

Please help!

Text and Pictures: Jishnu Dasgupta


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it may sound like a stupid suggestion, why dont u guys jam in the open? i’m sure your practice sessions are good enough…. and u’ll surely end up making many more fans!so its like giving performances every day!

Comment by apoorva

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