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Pyaasi: Try Playing the Song!
June 20, 2010, 4:41 pm
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Some of you have been asking for the chords for the song ‘Pyaasi’. This is a song that holds great promise for us, as this is going to be the song that will be our first music video. Shubha Mudhal, legendary Indian singer has lent her voice to it, making it something completely out of this world. We cannot wait to share it with you. But until then, here are the chords. You could listen to it here

Pyaasi digital art by our friend Sthuthi. We loved the abstractness in the expression. We're honoured to showcase this on our blog.


F6add9 – X X 3 2 3 3

Cadd9  – X 3 2 0 3 3

INTRO – F6add9, Cadd9, G

Cadd9               G

pyaasi hoon mein tumko pila ke

Cadd9               G

thak gayi hoon modon pe ruk ke

C            D

ashk toh behne do

C               G

paani hoon paani rehne do


kahan se aayee


kahan hai jaana

Cadd9      G

kiski boli bolna hai ab

Am              C

kisne ne hai yeh khel rachaya

Am              C                 G

putla bana ke tumko nachaya hai re

Chords repeat in verse 2

megha tu bhi laut ja re

ghar samundar bhool gayi hoon

raakh ko kyun mujhmein bahaya

toote kinaron pe kyun jhukaya sar

Lyrics: Vasu Dixit and Hitesh Kewalya. Music: Swarathma


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dropped by one of your shows around a year back at kyra, blore. listening to you guys live is something else…One of your new songs..i think it was ‘tibet’…really awesome..and of course pyasi, patte sare, bolo kya hai and jana kahaan are my favs…cant wait for the new album and surely do hope tibet features in it..i hope i got the name right…

Comment by siddarth ayyagari

I love all d guys of Swarathma feats. . I love ur song pyaasi . . I love u all…

Comment by Shalini

this is the first time i am listening to you … got hooked to it instantly … awesome work .. keep going 🙂

Comment by Jayalekshmy

hey swarathma,
i loved ur song patte saare….when u came to SDMIMD
can i pls get the chords that varun plays….

Comment by Aneesh Sharma

i just love this song……u guys rock….

Comment by malkit singh

I m a big fan…just had one query….when i play along with the song in standard tuning they key is f #..this is ur youtube video i play along too. so just wanted a bit of clarification. cheers!!

Comment by dhiraj salian

Hey Dhiraj

We play with half-step-down tuning — so you’re right the real key is F#, though we play with the G formation.

Comment by swarathma

i m in mumbai…when are u guys playin here?

Comment by dhiraj salian

I cant believe i had missed this version for soo long. Just heard it on the radio and immediately checked out. Are u guys playing in bangalore anytime soon. After 2 yrs I am leavin this city on the 6th and its a long wish of mine to hear u guys live. I have missed so many opportunities befire due to my strict college schedule

Comment by Prithish Ghosh

Sorry for the late reply, hope you caught us before leaving!

Comment by swarathma

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