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The Tale of the Puris in Pani
September 16, 2010, 5:34 pm
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Once upon a time, there lived five brothers of the Puri family who nursed an ill-advised dream of becoming Olympic swimming champions. So strong was their conviction that even though they knew nothing of swimming, they would pose as if they were Olympic rings themselves.

The Puri Brothers: 1st row (L-R) Sev, Batata and Dahi. 2nd row (L-R) Phuchka and Bhel posing for Veg Recipes Magazine centerspread.

So the brothers Batata, Phuchka, Bhel, Dahi and Sev set out one day to bring alive their dream. They traveled to Delhi, where they knew the Olympic powers-that-be went about their business. They were ready with kickbacks if it called for that. But to their delight, they were asked to prove their mettle on the streets of Delhi. They were converted into Olympic standard swimming pools owing to the recent flooding anyhow.  So they leaped into the task.

Of course, they didn’t even know how to float. Their thin flaky skins couldn’t take the scathing sarcasm of onlookers who jibed and jeered and called them names. But then what was this?! Unable to bear the ignominy the brave brothers started to fight a losing battle, the waters swirled and they were at risk of being sucked into a manhole maelstrom! That was when a section of Samaritans in the audience (residents of Karol Bagh perhaps), raised a rallying cry and put their weight behind the brothers who risked their all. This message on the walls of Delhi is but a testimony to that cry.

The Rousing, Rallying Cry that Saved the Brothers Puri. Seen on a New Delhi wall. Or somewhere close.


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