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Down Under and Back Tour Poster
November 3, 2010, 12:58 pm
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Swarathma's Down Under and Back Tour Poster - Design Montry Manuel


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Dear Swarathma
I just got back from your show at Parramasala. How fantastic were you!! Absolutely LOVED your music and your on stage antics, and your political awareness that came through in your cheeky music, and yes, even the PJs. Bought your CD and got the topi free, ha! Proud to see such brilliance from our musicians from back home. Keep up the great work! Oh yes, loved the outfits too:)

Comment by Roanna Gonsalves

Swarathma, ive just come back from seeing you perform at Parramatta in Sydney and you guys were absolutely incredible. Each of you have such a unique personality that adds so much life to your music and performances. From all of Sydney thankyou and congratulations for your success!!

Comment by K.Kain

Saw both your shows at Singapore; both nights; 5 out of six sets ( well, we have to eat sometime!). Was on our retirement holiday with Mrs. D ( the beloved).
Loved the entire experience of your sets
Why you are not more globally known is beyond me. I will for sure catch you next time you are in UK. and bring some of the tribe!

Comment by Jim Doran

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