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Rhythm Gurus I: Montry Manuel on his teachers
February 28, 2011, 5:33 pm
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Montry Manuel plays drums for Swarathma. A feel-driven drummer to the core, he’s the heart of Swarathma’s good vibe machine.  You just need to look at his on-stage smile to be captivated. In the first of this series he speaks of the teachers who moulded him into the drummer, and person, he is today. This edition is about Cochin based drummer and Montry’s first teacher, Jerry Peter.

JERRY PETER,  a drummer based in Kerala was my first teacher when it came to my skills as a drummer and a musician. I met him at the Cochin Arts and Communications (CAC) Institute where he taught me for a period of six months.  He is trained in Indian Carnatic Vocals and the Mridangam. He was trained by DAVID in his initial years of drumming and later he learnt his pro skill set from JOE BOY.

My teacher Jerry interacting with his first love

A man of few words, he carries very strong beliefs. As a teacher he says ethics are very important above all. Technical knowledge about music is always good to know but more importantly you need to get the feel of the music first. He taught me that more than being a musician is it important to be a good human being. His classes were always different and as musicians we always shared our minds which made the change. Hence, I developed a personal attachment towards him as a teacher.

Jerry Peter's Drum Setup: Tama + Roland TD-7. Jerry uses Vic Firth 5A drumsticks. On a personal note his favourite drummer is Ian Paice.

One of the things I admire about him is his skills of drum tuning and the precision he maintains when it comes to sound. But most importantly, he was the one who encouraged me to buy my first drum kit- Gladnick (Made in Bombay).

He currently plays for a band- Exodus. You can hear some his music on reverbnation. He is touring Kerala and beyond trying to showcase his dedication to music. Recently he had organized an event called- Wooden Shield. It was a large scale event where in 25 people had got together to make a big drum circle. It was a tribute to the journey of legendary drum warriors.

Even today, I refer to him for tips on music and sound for our album and lyrics. Immensely hardworking, he manages his family and music which is very difficult while still being based in Kerala. He teaches in a few well known institutes in Kerala where he has over a hundred students. Many of his students have made it big while many more will do too, under his guidance. And all this is possible because of his dedication towards music and his instruments.  A BIG THANKS TO HIM!

Coming up in Part II: Jeoraj Stanley George.

Compiled and edited by Hafsah Parkar. Pics: Shiv Ahuja, Jerry Peter’s Facebook.


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Way to go, Montry 🙂

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