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Dewarists track by Swarathma and Shubha Mudgal – Duur Kinara – Lyrics and Translation
November 29, 2011, 10:31 am
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Duur Kinara

Shubha Mudgal and Swarathma

Written by Shubha Mudgal, Vasu Dixit, Pavan Kumar KJ and Jishnu Dasgupta

Vo gaye balam

Vo gaye nadiya paar

Aap toh paar utar gaye

Hum toh rahe majdhaar

(Fragile memories,

Snatches of sound,

Faded photographs

Feelings unbound,

Birds flying in a V,

Homeward bound)

Doorada oorina katheya

Kelide nanna hridaya

Ee gaaliyali, nadiyalli

My heart has heard the tales of that faraway land

The tales that waft in the breeze, and flow in the rivers

Taayiya madilalli

geleyara nageyalli

Naa kandenu katheyannu

In my mother’s lap, I’ve heard these tales

In the laughter of my friends, I’ve seen these tales

Re gehri nadiyaa

Naiyya jhanjhari, duur kinara

Us paar saajan hamaara

Re gehri nadiyaa

(Fading photographs,

snatches of sound,

fragile memories,

feelings unbound)

Kanasolagina kanasali naa kande aa ooranu indu

In a dream within a dream I’ve seen that faraway land

(Translated from Kannada by Jishnu Dasgupta)


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Amazing !!! Mind blowing !! Could you please tell me the name of the song u guys perform in introduction.

Comment by Naren Laungani

The track at the beginning is “Rishton ka Rasta” from the upcoming album Topiwalleh. We also played “Pyaasi”

Comment by swarathma

too beautiful, saw u guys at nh7 as well. Thanks

Comment by Adi

Super Swarathma ,. “You Rock”.. I watched your episode on The Dewarists,..
Vasu ,.. your guitar + vocals are just amazing Sir,.
Sanjeev’s Sir’s Violin work is mind blowing,..

God Bless you all,.!!!

Comment by Ganesh Prasad

Lovely song! The collaboration of Shubha Mudgal and Swarathma is just magic! Loved the collaboration in pyaasi also!!
I can totally relate to Vasu when he says “music was there whether you liked it or not!” i have learnt music in similar ways 🙂

Comment by Akhila Udayashankar

Thanks for the song. Please keep doing what you are doing cos it is nothing less than fabulous.

Comment by Nakul

please tell the chords of the song duur kinara. the song is mindblowing!! i can’t get it off my head!!!

Comment by Soumyajit Misra

i hav sinned by not follwing swaratma all thes days !! big fan nw!! super cool music..

Comment by nikhil kumar

Hey, I have fallen in love with your music over my winter break. Sadly, I am back in california now but I would love to learn how to play this song on the guitar. If there is anyway you could post chords I would be most thankful.

P.S. My roommate is chinese-american and I have played your songs so often that he recognizes them and even hums to them :P. Thought you would find that funny.

Comment by Ritvij Gautam

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