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Dewarists track by Swarathma and Shubha Mudgal – Duur Kinara – Lyrics and Translation
November 29, 2011, 10:31 am
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Duur Kinara

Shubha Mudgal and Swarathma

Written by Shubha Mudgal, Vasu Dixit, Pavan Kumar KJ and Jishnu Dasgupta

Vo gaye balam

Vo gaye nadiya paar

Aap toh paar utar gaye

Hum toh rahe majdhaar

(Fragile memories,

Snatches of sound,

Faded photographs

Feelings unbound,

Birds flying in a V,

Homeward bound)

Doorada oorina katheya

Kelide nanna hridaya

Ee gaaliyali, nadiyalli

My heart has heard the tales of that faraway land

The tales that waft in the breeze, and flow in the rivers

Taayiya madilalli

geleyara nageyalli

Naa kandenu katheyannu

In my mother’s lap, I’ve heard these tales

In the laughter of my friends, I’ve seen these tales

Re gehri nadiyaa

Naiyya jhanjhari, duur kinara

Us paar saajan hamaara

Re gehri nadiyaa

(Fading photographs,

snatches of sound,

fragile memories,

feelings unbound)

Kanasolagina kanasali naa kande aa ooranu indu

In a dream within a dream I’ve seen that faraway land

(Translated from Kannada by Jishnu Dasgupta)


Pyaasi: Try Playing the Song!
June 20, 2010, 4:41 pm
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Some of you have been asking for the chords for the song ‘Pyaasi’. This is a song that holds great promise for us, as this is going to be the song that will be our first music video. Shubha Mudhal, legendary Indian singer has lent her voice to it, making it something completely out of this world. We cannot wait to share it with you. But until then, here are the chords. You could listen to it here

Pyaasi digital art by our friend Sthuthi. We loved the abstractness in the expression. We're honoured to showcase this on our blog.


F6add9 – X X 3 2 3 3

Cadd9  – X 3 2 0 3 3

INTRO – F6add9, Cadd9, G

Cadd9               G

pyaasi hoon mein tumko pila ke

Cadd9               G

thak gayi hoon modon pe ruk ke

C            D

ashk toh behne do

C               G

paani hoon paani rehne do


kahan se aayee


kahan hai jaana

Cadd9      G

kiski boli bolna hai ab

Am              C

kisne ne hai yeh khel rachaya

Am              C                 G

putla bana ke tumko nachaya hai re

Chords repeat in verse 2

megha tu bhi laut ja re

ghar samundar bhool gayi hoon

raakh ko kyun mujhmein bahaya

toote kinaron pe kyun jhukaya sar

Lyrics: Vasu Dixit and Hitesh Kewalya. Music: Swarathma

Our Youngest Fan: 2 Year Old Harshita Sings ‘Ee Bhoomi’
September 25, 2009, 8:06 am
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Right, so you may ask us, “Why are you doing what you are doing?” It is true, while it may seem like fun and games, playing in a band is a lot of hard work. It’s not always easy, and not always fun.

But then along comes a moment (like this one) which refreshes your soul like a cool drink at the end of a hot day.

Two year old Harshita heard our song on her Papa’s car stereo after he came to watch us at Twestival. And has been singing our song “Ee Bhoomi” (‘This Earth’) ever since. Seeing and hearing her go for it at the top of her rather powerful voice fills us with hope, pride and an intangible, incredible sense of satisfaction.

If you’d like to hear the boring grown-up version, click here. And here’s what the Kannada lyrics mean:

‘Ee Bhoomi’
Kannada Lyrics: Vasu Dixit
Translated into English by: Shreya Dasgupta

Watch the earth turn into paradise
As you sing to the glory of love and friendship

Soar into the sky as a bird flies
Pave the way with your smiles
See the sky burst into myriad butterflies
Night and day, in tune.

Forget the day that is to be
Revel in the sweetness of today

May each word you say be poetry,
Every breath you take, a new life,
May your mind wander without fear,
In lands and hearts, far and wide.

No envy, no jealousy, not now, not ever
No hatred in this world, love forever.

Thanks to Raghu (Tweets as @raghur) for this amazingly beautiful gift. Our love and hugs to little Harshita.

Tell her we’ll be waiting for her to grow up and come jam with us.

The Mind Behind the Lyrics: Hitesh Kewalya
September 1, 2009, 6:22 am
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hitesh2 Hitesh Kewalya is the man behind many of Swarathma’s song lyrics. A gift with words inherited from his father has been put to excellent use with the sensitive engagement with the subjects that Swarathma chooses to compose about. Here he speaks of his journey through life, and the part that he shares with the band he loves! DOWNLOAD complete Swarathma album lyrics

I remember the days my father would recite poetry to us children, he was a really avid reader and ever so often would sing or read out passages of pieces he really loved. I was a quiet kid, and writing soon became my way of expressing my emotions. I loved watching films, commercial Bollywood to World Cinema I’ve been through it all, and every frame has built my way of looking at the world!

Design became one of my passions while growing up, and it was at the National Institute of Design that I met Vasu (vocals, guitar). Over the years at NID we would collaborate on songs, unfinished tunes that Vasu would show me and to this day the way we work has changed very little.  Most of the time Vasu calls me up and either sings a tune on the phone for me or just sends a scratch recording version. We discuss some ideas over email and then my job begins…over a few sittings we are done. I would love to jam with the band while I am writing, but distances (they in Bangalore, me in Mumbai) don’t always permit that.

I think writing and designing overlap in many ways – like you design a narrative…even a song, where words are placed in order to create a sound wave, which evokes thought or any other response. But my design skills are limited to the stories I tell through my writing, short films and songs. So, I’m a storyteller not a designer!

What I love about Swarathma is that watching them live is so very elevating. They have an electric presence on stage. And the kind of themes that they choose makes it exciting to listen to them. I feel they are a very jam-friendly kind of band – if they go onto the streets and just ask random people to jam with them they’d be able to do it and would thoroughly enjoy it also. And I think that’s the USP of the band. My favourite Swarathma song is ‘Sur Mera’ – though they hardly ever play it live. Just writing it gave me a high.

According to me, nobody creates music, it’s just there. We enjoy it just when we take note of it. It is in this garb of enjoyment, that our mind becomes receptive to the ideas being expressed through music!

If a stranger comes into a room and extends his hand you’ll think twice before shaking it. But if a musical sound or a melodious tune is wafts into your ears, you won’t think twice before tapping your foot to it. So I think music just makes everyone very receptive.

Edited by Jishnu Dasgupta.

Hitesh’s songwriting co-credits:

Jaana Kahan Hai Mujhe | Pyaasi | Pyar Ke Rang | Patte Sare | Sur Mera | Yeshu Allah aur Krishna